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Simplify Your Biz is focused on improving your business flow with Financial Processing Systems, Accounting and Bookkeeping services and Human Resource Solutions. Read below how we have helped our clients:

“Joyce Shimetz with Simplify Your Biz was a vital resource during a crucial transition period for our non-profit in four significant areas:

  • She ensured that our agency was in compliance by providing broad and deep insight on all major functions of our organization.
  • Joyce’s expertise in business management consulting, accounting and bookkeeping services, and human resources solutions are exceptional and were vital in establishing and maintaining efficient and cost-effective systems and infrastructure for our agency.
  • Joyce’s fluency in technology allowed her solutions to be accessed from our multiple locations.
  • Her knowledge of cloud-based options allowed us to streamline financial processes and improve transparency.

As a result of her work and assistance, our nearly paperless audit this year was accomplished fluidly, in record time, and with minimal costs.

Simplify Your Biz helps your non-profit thrive!”

Phil Jonckheer

Board President

“Joyce at Simplify Your Biz is a tremendous resource for your business. She works directly with business owners to move the business into success. She works best with those who are open minded and ready for change.

We started working with Joyce in 2008. After working with her, our business revenue increased immediately and has increased 10% per year ever since.

She is thorough and communicates well with her clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough to help you with your business growth.”

Jeanne Davis

“I have worked with Joyce Shimetz for several years and she has been a tremendous help in getting my business organized. Most recently she set up and helped me to understand my business with QuickBooks online. But she has also been instrumental in setting up procedural systems that help keep my business on track. There are so many areas of business management that she is helpful with that I can’t list them all here, but none of it would work if it wasn’t for the person behind all of the solutions. Joyce is remarkably even tempered, pragmatic and thoughtful. She can take an emotionally charged subject, like receivables, and address the situation professionally and calmly which is contagious and puts her clients at ease. By providing solutions in a calm and accessible way, Joyce empowers her clients to make real progress in how they manage their business. I would recommend Simplify Your Biz to any business owner who wants to run their business, instead of their business running them!”
David Comfort
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